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My childhood

let me start this of by telling you this. my mothers name is Julie Rector Wade, and my fathers name is Daniel Thomas Stringfellow. I have no clue where i was born or at what time of day but i do know that at the age of three my life took a turn for what i thought was the better, better than watching your birth-mother do crack cocaine in front of you while pregnant with your little sister. Tha’ts all ima say about that but at the age of three i was taken by CPS-Child Protective Services and lived in a foster home where i had raggy clothes and no toys and barely any food, basically a meal ticket. i was later adopted by my Uncle Gary and Aunt Gayle whom i lived with for a good time. life with them together living in Channelview Texas was a great thing i felt great then soon i was being spanked for going to the restroom and accidentally flushing the toilet, that would wake my sister and start crying that would make Gayle otherwise to me known as mom very very upset which made her grab me fiercely by my arm and spank me all the way to my room. at the first signs of all this my uncle Gary otherwise known as dad was around but as it continued i wouldn’t see him so often therefore i felt UN-protected. my brother i thought could feel his shoes but no he was moms little saint he did nothing wrong but me i was singled out and punished.
when my parents split up my brother told me that it was my fault cause i couldn’t ever do anything rite i was a failure to this family. “at least my dad didn’t die from cocaine”- i said to my self. i was afraid to say anything to him he “ALWAYS” twisted it around to be something worse than it was.
Well i had lost my daddy and i knew from then on i was on my own we moved outa the trailer park and moved into one across town near the graveyard where everything began spiraling down.
In this new trailer me and my brother shared a room where he had the best video game system around at the time called a “PlayStation” he had several games and i would sit there and watch him play but this one particular day after eating oatmeal.
I was in our room and watching him play his game when he paused it and said “hey lets start playing a game” and he got one of his favorite games and snapped it in half and put it in the toilet and left the room. i waited ruffly 5 minutes wondering what kinda game we was gonna play when suddenly.!
the door swung open and there was Gayle who grabbed me and took me to the restroom and shoved my face in the toilet screaming “was this yours to destroy this shit cost money” when she released me i raised quickly starring at her she said why did you do it and i quietly said i didn’t and her retaliation was a quick smack in the face that knocked me to the floor i layed there crying hoping she would leave but she instead grabbed me and took me to the living room and pulled down my shorts and underwear and spanked me till i couldn’t sit.
These same acts of hatred that John carried out never stoped and my punishments got worse.

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